Warriors’ analyst Jim Barnett originally gave Harrison the nickname “The Senator” for his professional demeanor and style, but to him the title reaches further than that. Harrison has a deep-rooted belief in community service and engagement, and a passion for inspiring young people in underserved communities. He hopes to use this platform to represent his community and encourage young people to engage in topics of education, health and social awareness. “As a kid, basketball was huge for me but my mom always reminded me that I am more than basketball. I think it is important to emphasize to young people that education and social engagement is extremely important,” Harrison said in a recent interview.

For these reasons Harrison, who is currently completing his degree in business at UNC, has partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of Oakland and Ames, Iowa to initiate programs that encourage youth to stay engaged at school and beyond. His Reading Academy in Ames, aims to increase childhood literacy, while his program in Oakland encourages under served youth to improve their academic performance. Since 2014, he has served as a Board Member for The Boys and Girls Club of Oakland. “It means so much to me to have a major part in this amazing organization. Growing up in Ames and in a single-parent home, I was at the Boys and Girls Club every day after school, doing homework, playing ball and making friends. It was huge for me,” Harrison said.

Harrison has also partnered with the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford in various events to bring awareness and support to extremely important services they offer families of children stricken by life-threatening disease. “I have been privileged to have the opportunity to really connect and get to know some of these young people. They may think I’m there to show or teach them something, but working with them has actually taught me a lot about the resilience of these under served communities,” Harrison said.

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Growing up, Harrison experienced holidays with little or no gifts. That is why he teamed up with Adidas for Holidays with Harrison, an initiative that allows kids from low-income families to join him on a shopping spree at the Adidas store in San Francisco. This year almost two dozen children joined Harrison at the Westfield Mall for the most memorable shopping experience. Read more here.


Harrison has a strong passion for reaching out to and encouraging underserved youth. That is why he initiated his reading and scholarship program at the Boys and Girls Club of Oakland. The scholarship program rewards students who show notable improvement in their academic performance throughout the year, while his reading program offers prizes for students who complete the summer reading requirements for their age group. 


Harrison has a true passion for education and youth engagement. This is why he launched his reading academy program in the fall of 2014 in partnership with Ames Public Library and Raising Readers. The programs goal is to encourage reading among elementary students in an effort to increase literacy.


The Ronald McDonald House at Stanford provides accommodations and support for the family of children fighting life-threatening diseases. Harrison has been volunteering with the organization since 2013, and is truly moved by the resilience of these families and the amazing support given by the Ronald McDonald House.