Since being drafted by the Warriors in 2012, Harrison has grown into perhaps the NBA’s biggest tech enthusiast. His interest in emerging technology and startup companies has inspired him to get involved and take advantage of his proximity to what is arguably the tech hub of the world, Silicon Valley. But his interest in the tech scene started small, he simply wanted to engage and interact more openly with his fans. Through social media he was able to reach out and interact with his fan base in new and exciting ways, like Google+ chats, Facebook Q&A’s and social media run contest and giveaways. Before long Harrison was taking part in a Facebook internship, meeting with tech executives and speaking at tech conferences about how athletes are utilizing tech more and more.

Harrison has been honored to speak at tech conferences throughtout the Bay Area. Check out his interview/talk at the 2015 mega tech conference, Dreamforces, and his interview/talk at Lithium’s Thought Leadership Series.

Harrison speaks at the 2015 mega tech conference, Dreamforce, in San Francisco w/ Dan Darcy, SVP of Productivity at Salesforce.

TechCrunch speaks with Harrison about his passion for technology and how it has helped him improve and interact with his fan base. Read the full story here.