On a points-per-touch basis, Harrison Barnes is one of the most efficient players in the league

What do Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, and Harrison Barnes all have in common? They each average 20+ points per game but, more importantly, they're all top-10 in the NBA in points per touch, at least [...]

Harrison Barnes continues to grow into role as Mavs’ go-to scorer down stretch

DALLAS — What does it take to be a go-to scorer? Harrison Barnes is learning the answer to that question on the fly. Leading the Dallas Mavericks to a comeback 112-105 overtime win over the [...]

For Harrison Barnes, All Roads Lead To Ames

Quickly Little has changed in Ames over the years, but everything has changed for Harrison Barnes. How did the small town in Iowa prepare the Mavs star for the NBA? Rob Mahoney Tuesday January 17th, [...]

Harrison Barnes on the mental approach to becoming a go-to guy

The Mavericks likely envisioned Harrison Barnes becoming a go-to kind of offensive player in the future, but not even the team (or, maybe, even the player himself) could have seen the transition from role-player to [...]

Harrison Barnes urges Dallas students to hit the books just as he did

Harrison Barnes wouldn’t be in the NBA if he hadn’t taken academics seriously. And no, that is not hyperbole. “I lived in a dictatorship household,” he joked. “My mom was very strict. Academics came first [...]

Harrison Barnes can already provide big contributions on both ends for the Mavs

Any time a team adds a young player, it's tempting to look into the future and wonder what type of player he could become. Last season, Justin Anderson and Dwight Powell both showed flashes, that [...]

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